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"OPEN AIR" English

This course is for those who like to be outside and gossip at the same time. The only difference is: WE’LL GOSSIP IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY.
All you need to bring is a basic English knowledge, curiosity and the willingness to chat your time away with others about whatever comes into your mind. We will meet at 17.00h and walk around the Niendorfer Gehege until 18.30h. So you should bring weatherproof clothes!
The aim is to improve your English to become more fluent for your vacation, your job, your privacy or wherever you might have a need for the English language or simply because you like to chat in English!
Create your own lesson with your own ideas!


Dienstag, 17:00 ‐ 18:30  
09.05.2017 - 30.05.2017 
30,00 €  

Treffpunkt am Eingang Kirche Niendorf Markt

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